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"It is really a fabulous program! I've never seen a better kid's music class. We still listen to the music!
Previous Music Together® family participant.

Jennifer Buckley, Dublin Ireland

My son has always connected to Miss Melissa. She is such a warm and inviting person that my son feels safe, loved, and thus comfortable to participate, and explore new musical concepts.
*4 year old son*

Leah, previous participating Mom

This program is great for a child's mental development! It is fun while strengthening the mind. It's a positive and clean experience for children.
*4 year old son*

Leah, previous participating Mom

Miss Melissa is a wonderful, caring, nurturing teacher that makes my children want to sing all the time at home!
* 4 year old daughter, 3 year old daughter, 1 year old son*

Kelli previous participating Mom

Danielle would tap her feet or shake her toy to the music in the car after class. It was a hoot to watch!
*1 1/2 year old daughter*

Tracy,Previous participating Mom

Melissa is a wonderful teacher and helped me not to worry so much over how Danielle "paid attention" in class!
* 1 1/2 year old daughter*

Tracy,Previous participating Mom

It's a good way to introduce different kinds of music/songs you wouldn't hear elsewhere. The family environment is great, allowing siblings to participate together is something I've only found with this program.
*2 year-old daughter, 5 month-old daughter*

DebbiePreviousparticipating Mom

Miss Melissa is wonderful! This is an excellent class. My 3 and 5 year olds love it, and can't wait for it each week! I would highly recommend Miss Melissa and this class..it's delightful!!
*5 year-old daughter, 3 year-old son*

Rachel Previousparticipating Mom